1. Wash your hair more often


It is a common myth (one I used to believe myself) that the more often you wash your hair, the more ‘oily’ it will get. You cannot in fact ‘train’ your scalp to be less oily, trust me, you’ll just end up with itchy scalp. If your hair is oily, just wash it. A great tip if your wash your hair several times a week is to shampoo the scalp (not the hair) and let it wash down the hair as you rinse it. This is a good way to protect your hair length from the effects of surfactants in shampoos, i.e drying your hair out.


  1. Use a shower cap


One of the reasons your scalp gets greasy so fast is because of the vapour that settles in your hair during a hot shower! The trick here is to prevent that from happening by protecting your hair with a shower cap. This has personally been a game changer for me.


  1. Avoid touching your hair


Touching your hair too much throughout the day or when styling/tying up your hair can make the hair look greasier. It’s best to just leave your hair and scalp alone!


  1. Use a dry shampoo between washes


A dry shampoo contains a powder that works by absorbing extra oil/grease from your hair. No, it is not harmful for your scalp, it is not toxic and does not cause hair fall! It’s actually a pretty great hair product if you want to extend your hair wash by a day or 2, it saves your from going through the hair wash process too often and can also give your hair a little volume boost.

Shikha Ramjutan


Are there different types of shampoos or cleansing products recommended for individuals with oily hair, and how can one choose the right products for their specific hair type? Regards Telkom University

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