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We go through so much in a lifetime, which causes us to lose our hair many times over the years. What if you had that holy grail product that not only helps you grow your hair, but also prevents it from happening again. And it fits into your everyday.

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Meet the Pharmacist

Hair is such a big part of our identity, it’s how we express ourselves. Over the years as a clinical pharmacist, I have seen so many young women struggling with hair loss, especially after COVID. Leaving them anxious, and insecure and scrambling for the quickest solutions. Only for them to find temporary relief from over-the-counter products and shampoos that they didn’t enjoy enough to keep using. 

As a healthcare professional, I’ve always emphasised that consistency is key and to treat anything, we need to look at it holistically, So I combined all my learnings and approach with the mission to create modern solutions for scalp-related conditions that people will actually love using and create a healthy routine around. 

- Shikha, Founder