Sandalwood Comb

Rs 513.00
Say goodbye to hair breakage with our sandalwood comb. Handcrafted from natural sandalwood, it features a soft wide-tooth design ideal for detangling without causing breakage. It gently massages the scalp, improving blood circulation and promoting healthy hair growth. Perfect for use on dry hair, this comb pairs excellently with our Invigorating Hair & Scalp Oil for a complete hair oiling ritual.
How to use

On Hair Oiling Days:

After your head massage with our Invigorating Hair & Scalp Oil, put your hair up in a protective hairstyle. This large acetate claw clip will secure your hair without weighing it down or tugging too tight.

Non Hair Oiling Days:

Create 90’s-inspired up-dos and half-up-half-down looks with this large claw clip that securely and comfortably holds the hair. 

Size & Material

Size: 13cm

Material: Acrylic, resin